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A few words first.... I've been doing online sarging for about a year now, I tested out a lot of routines and found out what works and what not.

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Dhv online dating - Dhv online dating, about a year ago, someone took a photo of me for a magazine, so i tell the girl I don't have a digital camera, but I scanned a photo from a magazine for her. Kissing a girl in your photos is the ultimate-attraction switch-flipper, which will serve to attract more girls to you [online].

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Online Dating Guide (Week 8) - YouTube An online dating guide from the one and only DHV Coach. Instantly improve your game! An online dating guide from the one and only DHV Coach. Instantly improve your game! Skip navigation

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Social Proof And Why It Is Catnip To Hot Girls | Alpha Secrets Social Proof is why television sitcoms still use laugh-tracks, even though everyone thinks they’re lame and outdated. Social Proof is also the reason people like to take pictures of themselves having fun with their attractive friends, and use those as social network or online dating profile pictures.

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Attract Women With Your Online-Dating Profile Photo. Attract Women With Your Online-Dating Profile Photo [Online-Game Tips & DHV Photos] Tweet This post was inspired by a reader of mines who goes by the pseudonym Italian Greg.

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Hello. Author well done!

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BEST ONLINE PROFILE-professional PUA - PUA Forum this guy on okcupid viewed my profile. i decided to check his out, and i was IMPRESSED! it DHV with lots of material, had a sense of humour, and witt. heres a brief summary of it. thought you guys might want to check it out for those who are doing online dating and have to make a profile

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DHV Routines - Best PUA Training DHV Routines One of the most powerful tools in your PUA arsenal is the interactive value demonstration: you telling a story which requires the girl’s participation, that demonstrates value while giving you the opportunity to display your personality.

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Demonstration of Higher Value (DHV) | Pick Up Artist and. Demonstration of Higher Value (DHV) By Vince Lin on December 20, 2008. 6; Tweet. Knowledge Sphere:. I'm Vince and I created PUA Lingo so you can find unbiased info on social dynamics and dating. I teach my students and embody 2 things: Quality Game and Style Attraction. Read More About It Here. Join the Secret Society.

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Demonstration Of Higher Values | DHV | Does Mystery’s DHV. DHV is an acronym for Demonstration of Higher Values. Pickup Artist Mystery first coined the term. DHV is any action or story that increases the perceived value of a pick up artist in the eyes of his target or the group.

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7 Steps Of Online PU - PUA, Mystery, Seduction Tips. 7 Steps Of Online PU When I first started learning PU, one thing I tried early on was the personals. I attempted all kinds of NLP-loaded letters that friends told me were foolproof and got basically no response.