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The AMX 13 57 GF is a French tier 7 premium light tank. The AMX company conceived this light tank, which was to mount the 57-mm L/100 gun. Problems in development slowed the project, and by the 1950s the vehicle was still not ready for presentation.

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Matchmaker (WoT) - Global wiki. France: ELC AMX, AMX 12 t, AMX 13 75, AMX 13 57 GF, AMX 13 90 China: M5A1 Stuart , 59-16 , Type 64 , WZ-131 , Type 62 , WZ-132 Whether vehicles are stock or fully researched, how they are equipped, nor crew skill is taken into account by the match-maker.

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RU251, T49, and AMX 13 90 (Tier 9) Stats « Status Report AMX 13 90 got me worried. Having lower clip damage is fine, since AMX 50 B works even though it has lower clip damage than the 50 100. What worries is that there is no buff to the DPM.

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AMX CDC, STA-2, ISU-130 and AMX-13/57 Footage - AMX 13/57 will be infinitely better than the AMX 13/75. I feel the AMX 13s could use a small buff in the speed department. The only thing they have going for them against the other light tanks is the burst damage.

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World Of Tanks Amx 13 90 Matchmaking Elizabeth Banks. a to z of dating ideas, dating and then he disappeared, black ladies dating, rsd dating advice

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WorldOfTanks AMX 13 90 - Small tank, BIG threat. - YouTube The AMX 13 90, a tiny French tank with a seriously nasty punch. The AMX gets horrible matchmaking, always in Tier 9 and 10 matches, but it can more than handle itself.

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AMX 13 90 Matchmaking - General Discussion - Official. My PC friends say the AMX 13 90 is one of the most used tanks in PC clan battles (Clan battles on PC are at tier 8). It is one of the best tier 8 tanks, except you get match made against tier 9 and 10.

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Tank Of The Month #8 (March) - AMX-13 • r/WorldofTanksConsole The AMX-13/90 is a tier 8 light tank with the same matchmaking but is however better in every way. The bigger gun is a lot better and a lot more usable against higher tier adversaries but the armour is still dogshit I’m afraid.

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AMX 13 75 gegen AMX 13 57 - World of Tanks Panzervergleich Die Firma AMX konzipierte diesen leichten Panzer, der ein 57-mm-L/100-Geschütz tragen sollte. Probleme in der Entwicklung verzögerten das Projekt, daher war das Fahrzeug in den 1950ern noch nicht für eine Präsentation bereit.

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Supertest: Bat.-Châtillon 12 t – The Armored Patrol 23 thoughts on “ Supertest: Bat.-Châtillon 12 t ”. it’s a tier 8 and will replace the AMX-13 90 and the stats for the gun are almost the same for the 90mm on the AMX-13 90, the differnce is that the “premium” ammo has less 48mm of pen. that the tier 8s are not the only ones who are going to loose their stretched matchmaking.