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Selvstendige land. Listen inkluderer de 48 statene som klassifiseres som asiatiske stater av FN og som anerkjennes av FN. [trenger referanse] Estimert folketall i juli 2015 og landareal (ferskvann og territorialfarvann ikke medregnet).Statene er listet i en rekkefølge basert på rangering ut ifra folketallet.

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Vietnam – Wikipedia Den här artikeln behöver fler eller bättre källhänvisningar för att kunna verifieras. (2013-01) Åtgärda genom att lägga till pålitliga källor (gärna som fotnoter).Uppgifter utan källhänvisning kan ifrågasättas och tas bort utan att det behöver diskuteras på diskussionssidan.

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Anglicans Online | Books of Common Prayer THE BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER is one of the major works of English Literature. Since its introduction in the sixteenth century, it has had an enormous influence on everything written in English.

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Miao - Introduction, Location, Language, Folklore. 4 • FOLKLORE Miao myths describe the creation of the world, the birth of the Miao people, and their battles and migrations. A typical Miao creation myth is the ancient 'Maple Song': White Maple was an immortal tree that gave birth to Butterfly Mama.

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Laos - Wikipedia An ancient human skull was recovered from the Tam Pa Ling Cave in the Annamite Mountains in northern Laos; the skull is at least 46,000 years old, making it the oldest modern human fossil found to date in Southeast Asia. Stone artifacts including Hoabinhian types have been found at sites dating to the Late Pleistocene in northern Laos. Archaeological evidence suggests agriculturist society.

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Santa Fe Land Planning and Landscape Architecture Santa Fe Planning Group is a land planning and landscape architectural firm specializing in the design of the land. Design services are provided for a wide range of projects including land subdivision and housing communities; resort, recreational, and park projects; as well as commercial and industrial development.